If your desired date is not marked in red on our Reservations page please send us an e-mail with next information:



Start night date (check in same day at 2 pm):

End night date (check out next day by 11 am):

After we confirm that your desired dates are available, you need to go to our web site and click on Pay Now. This page will appear again.

Before Buy Now will shows on bottom of this page, you have to check that you electronically agree with our Ski Condo Rental Policy.

I electronically agree with Ski Condo Rental Policy for my stay at this studio.

Now, you can press Buy Now button at the bottom of this page.

Once you have first page open you need to input amount of your payment in Unit Price cell. Click on Update Totals underneath it.

If you have already set up an account with PayPal type in your password and click on Log in button.

If you do not have an account with PayPal click on Continue under Don't have a PayPal account? On new open page put your next information: credit card number, name, address, etc. When you are done with this part click on Review Order and Continue. Than on new page you have to confirm that you want to pay showed amount by clicking on button Pay $_Now. On new open page you will get your receipt which you can print out for your records and by clicking on Return to MilanLLC you will return to our web site and by that you have finished your payment process.

Thank you!